P89LPC922FD nicht mehr lieferbar
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Author: Tontechniker [ 5. Sep 2018 09:15 ]
Post subject: Re: P89LPC922FD nicht mehr lieferbar

Hallo Rupert,
leider kann ich Dir nicht mehr helfen. Ich habe den geliehenen Programmer schon vor einiger Zeit an den User zurück gegeben. Es handelte sich dabei um den "Sprintplus 48". Für diesen Programmer habe ich auch in einem Beitrag weiter oben die Einstellungen und den Download des zu programmierende HEX-Files geschrieben. Du benötigst auch noch den entsprechenden Programmieradapter für den SMD.
Melde Dich bitte, wenn Du noch Fragen hast.

Author: Merlin [ 7. Sep 2018 10:27 ]
Post subject: Re: P89LPC922FD nicht mehr lieferbar

Hallo Rupert,

kein Thema. Ich kann Dir die Bootloader brennen (leider ohne Garantie, eine Charge ging bei mir nicht).

Steck die Teile in einen Umschlag, pack € 5,- dazu für den Rückweg, und ab damit.

Bei Interesse schreib mir ne PN oder Mail bez. der Kontaktdaten.


Author: Jamy [ 3. Feb 2019 23:52 ]
Post subject: Re: P89LPC922FD nicht mehr lieferbar

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the reply in english, but unfortunately I don't speak German. I used Google to help me to understand all from Selfbus.
Like probably everyone in this forum, I bought some LPC922 in China via aliexpress.
I also constated that the bootloader whas not in the LPC.

So I looked for a solution to flash the code in parallel via ICP bridge.
After many time of research on the internet, I found a board that using another LPC932 to make the bridge between the ISP and ICP mode.
I modified the board and the code to use another LPC922 to do the job.
In attachment I join the Eagle schematic of the board called USB-ICP-Programmer and the hex file.
The code come from the Flash Magic website the only change I made to it is the library for the LPC922 and the pins used on the board.

I use FlashMagic with the option NXP ICP bridge to flash some new LPC shipped from China.
For me it work perfectly ....

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help you as you did with the SelfBus project ...

Thank you to all of you.


ISP to ICP bridge v16.zip [87.3 KiB]
Downloaded 36 times
File comment: USB-ICP-Programmer board
USB_programmer.zip [87.19 KiB]
Downloaded 33 times

Author: Doumanix [ 4. Feb 2019 21:44 ]
Post subject: Re: P89LPC922FD nicht mehr lieferbar

Hi Seb,

wow, nice job! Thanks for that contribution!
That programmer could help all the guys who still have many LPC922 stored which were useless until now.

Did I get it right, that you have to flash a SMD LPC922 with "ISP_to_ICP_bridge.hex", then build up the programmer and then the programmer can be used to flash the target LPC922 (DIL)?

If that's correct, one of my first questions would be: wouldn't it be easy to expand the functionality so that a SMD LPC922 could be programmed, too?
'cause when I ordered SMD LPC922s, these were ones which had to be "bootloadered" by Tontechniker...


Author: Jamy [ 5. Feb 2019 11:42 ]
Post subject: Re: P89LPC922FD nicht mehr lieferbar

Hi Christian,

Yes, you need a first SMD LPC922 (with his bootloader of course) and flash it with the "ISP_to_ICP_bridge.hex" file. The firs LPC will act like a gateway, and convert the ISP protocol to ICP.
The reset button is used to force the target LPC into ICP mode (the Program LED will blink once very quickly).
After that, you must be able to use every functionality of FlashMagic.

You are right, the programmer is designed to flash DIL socket, but we have some other way to flash SMD LPC
First one is to use a TSOP to DIL board :
If you do attention to the ICP programmer board I have add 2 jumpers to the left and right of the DIL socket. You can insert this board with a SMD LPC soldered on it to flash the LPC...
Be Careful !!! I have not yet check the spacing between the two jumper so that the board can be inserted on in !!!

Second way is to use a TSSOP socket like this :

For me this solution is probably the better one, but I don't yet ordered this converter ...

I also designed (redesign of the Taster Einbaumodul) a taster board niko 45*45 module, with 2 jumper of 4 pins on wich all IO from the LPC whas mapped (also reset, TXD and RXD). I used this board, without any other component soldered on it, to flash my SMD LPC via the jumper on the right of the ICP programmer.
I will do a other post with my Niko 45*45 taster board later !!!



Author: mel [ 6. Mar 2019 20:22 ]
Post subject: Re: P89LPC922FD nicht mehr lieferbar

Hallo Leute,

falls noch jemand LPC922 sucht (smd oder DIL), ich hab noch welche rumfliegen. Einfach kurze PN an mich, dann schau ich mal nach, was ich da noch abgeben kann.


Author: Doumanix [ 19. Aug 2019 22:19 ]
Post subject: Re: P89LPC922FD nicht mehr lieferbar

Hey Seb,

I built up an interface but I did not get it up and running.
I tried with 2 different LPC922 which I previously flashed and then soldered on the PCB. But the LED is never blinking when I press the button.

Are you sure you uploaded the correct hex-File?

Best regards,

Author: Jamy [ 31. Oct 2019 23:29 ]
Post subject: Re: P89LPC922FD nicht mehr lieferbar

Hi Christian,

Sorry to answer you so late, but I had some family problem and I had to put my project for a short time aside.

In attachment the hex file that I use in my test board.
The status led will blink very shortly.

You must configure FlashMagic in "NXP ICP Bridge".

For me I just need to push the reset button and test if the LPC922 are alive by reading the device signature (ISP -> Read Device Signature). If the device signature correspond to the LPC922 i flash it with the bootloader code ...

If I can help you more, now I am listening ! :lol:

ISP_to_ICP_bridge.zip [2.98 KiB]
Downloaded 2 times

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